Enigma, 2001 film starring  Dougray Scott, Kate Winslet, Saffron Burrows.  Definitely not what the write up said about the film but decent enough though!

In March of 1943 during the heart of WW2, Britain’s code breakers have realized that the Germans have changed their enigma code suddenly and now three convoys of people and goods are at risk from the U-boats because they don’t know where the subs are!  Tom Jericho (Scott) who was part of the original code-breakers steps in to help do it again.  While doing so Tom stumbles upon the fact that his old love Claire (Burrows) who seems to be missing is a spy and likely the reason the Germans changed their code.  Tom recruits Claire’s best friend, Hester Wallace (Winslet) to help him investigate.

I keep getting suckered in, the original tag line for this film was something like ‘A young genius frantically races against time to crack an enemy code’ so naturally I thought great I can settle down to a good war movie.  Wrong!  It was more about a man’s obsession with one woman who turns out to be bad!  Not saying that is not a good premise but not for a film with the title enigma and the war making tag lines!!  Sure, you saw the enigma machine and you got to see a bit in the war room but no battles, no bombing raids and no dead Nazi’s!

I almost changed the category to romance because that was all this film was.  Based on that fact the film was just ok.  It started slow and remained at that pace most of the way through.  Winslet’s character was only in this film maybe a quarter of it and to be honest, I was glad.  Her acting in this one was just ok, not stellar!  As a war film this gets a one but as a romance type drama I will go three at best.




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