Gray Lady Down

Gray Lady Dow, 1978 classic film starring Charlton Heston, David Carradine, Stacy Keach and so many more.  This is great film, old school and almost perfect.  The reason I say almost is simply because Hollywood had not perfected underwater scenes then but they did try hard.  

It’s the story of a US Submarine being rammed by a freighter by accident that sinks the sub to the ocean floor, some 1400 feet down.  With half the crew dead and the engine room not accessible they must try to stay alive until the Navy can find and rescue them.   This is one of the first time the Navy introduces their DSRV (Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle), a mini sub that can attach itself to a port on any US sub and transfer survivors from the damaged sub.  It further introduces us to an even smaller reconnaissance sub that can go deep and identify where the DSRV needs to go.

The acting was great, there were so many talented actors in this one.  The visuals were great, worth keeping in your collections.

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