Midway, 1976 film starring Charlton HestonHenry FondaJames Coburn, Glenn Ford, Robert Wagner and so many more…  Epic World War Two battle in the Pacific.

The movie tell of the historic battle in the Pacific in June of 1942.  The Japanese were trying to finish off the American Navy for good and show off their might but the Americans found a key that would turn the tides of the war in their favor.  The battle won by the Americans would pave the way for the major 43 and 44 US offensives that would lead to the end of the war in the Pacific.

A lot of people have critiqued the film as a way to use up film from other war movies of the time including Tora Tora Tora.  Yes, they did use film already shot but lets face it, in those days it was very expensive to do it.  There was no CGI, no computer enhance graphics!  Some of the clips were taken by news media and sailors from back in the day as well but none of that ruined the film.  The plethora of famous actors in this film made it great and watchable again and again.  So what if there were some technical inaccurate clips, it was entertaining and hey, isn’t that the goal? (Except for the gobs of money the studio’s make).  I liked it and will watch again and again when I’m in the mood for a classic war film.  I gave it five for the great actors, scenery and telling of a historical fight.

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