Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan, 1998 film starring Tom HanksMatt DamonTom Sizemore and so many more.  Hailed as one of the best made war movies of all time.  I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t seen this yet.

We all know the story, the government, just after the Normandy landings, discovers that one family has just lost 3 of four sons in the war.  The Armies Chief Of Staff decides this mother will loose no more and sends a team into retrieve him.  Having to go behind enemy lines to do it the team, lead by Captain Miller (Hanks) must face an enemy with no mercy to find and save Private Ryan (Damon).

I agree with a lot of the critics out there on this one.  This is by far my favorite war movie, one I have seen again and again.  The attention to detail in this epic war film was bang on.  You thought you were almost there, especially if you have a big enough tv and a great sound system.  It gave me more respect for the survivors of this war as what you see is so lifelike, I imagine this could have traumatized veterans who may have seen it because this was so real.  The visuals and re-creation of war torn Europe were absolutely amazing.  Lead by Hanks, the acting could not have been any better, everyone made this film not just entertaining but a glimpse back to what it was really like back then.

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