The Hunt For Red October

The Hunt For Red October, 1990 film starring Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn and more.  Probably Tom Clancy’s best novel to film.

1984, Russian submarine captain Marko Ramius (Connery) takes out the motherland’s newest and deadliest submarine ‘The Red October’ out for trials.  Or so his crew thinks.  He had spent years hand training his officers who follow him into the mission of defecting, with the sub, to the United States.  He just has to find a way to ditch his crew without them knowing what is happening.  Moscow knows though as Ramius gave them a heads up after he departed.  Enter Jack Ryan (Baldwin) who has to be the brains and come up with a way to get Ramius, his officers and the sub into American hands all while the US military is supposedly helping Russia hunt down and destroy the sub.

This is one of my personal favorites of all time and my late fathers favorite film ever.  Like me, my father used to love a good war/cold war film and this one does top the list.  The story was fantastic, some say true, some say made up but it doesn’t matter.  Some big, heavyweight names accompany this film and they all performed magically.  Connery, of course was fantastic as Ramius.   Baldwin was also top notch in this, probably his best role ever.  The underwater scenes were good, not CGI like we are used to today but never the less good.  I have seen this film countless times now and never tire of it.  This is a must watch for all, superb acting with a great story equals this timeless blockbuster.