The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men, 2014 starring  George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and John Goodman.  Based on a true story this film deals with a group of volunteers (Over 350 men and women in real life) tasked to go into Europe nearing the end of WW2 to retrieve stolen art from the Nazis before they destroyed it all.  

From the start Hitler stole as much famous art as he could in every country he occupied so he could build one grand Furor Museum in Germany.  As he expected to take over the world I guess he thought it was his right.  When the invasion of Normandy began and Hitler realized that his master plan was unravelling he ordered all the art be destroyed that would not make it to Germany.  This group of volunteers must rescue what they could before that happened.

As a war film, this was very good.  Accurate sets and costumes.  As a historic telling, this was also good though I am not sure why they only had 7 men in the platoon and not the 300 plus that were actually in it.  Good entertainment though, I did enjoy it.  It was a shame that so much art was actually lost but this troop did a great job in real life of saving what they did.

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