USS Indianapolis : Men Of Courage

USS Indianapolis : Men Of Courage, 2016 film starring Nicolas CageTom Sizemore and Thomas Jane.  This movie was based on the very true story that came out of world war two.

After delivering the nuclear weapons that would eventually end the war, the USS Indianapolis is sunk by a Japanese sub.  300 crewmen find whatever they can to float on and wait for rescue.  Unfortunately they are left floating for 5 days in shark infested waters.  They suffer through hunger and thirst along with the constant shark attacks.

So, first of all, I feel bad for the survivors and hope none of them lived long enough to see this film.  It was like watching a junior high school video project!  With a big name like Nicolas Cage I was expecting a thrilling CGI filled, epic war movie but instead we got this.  Sorry Cage, even your acting in this film was under par and the props and scenery were horrible.  It was almost as bad as watching a Sharknado movie.  I don’t think I was ten minutes into it when I realized this was a bomb but I kept on going all the way through in the hopes they could salvage it.  I don’t know what else to say but wow, I am disappointed!

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