Open Range

Open Range, 2003 film starring Kevin CostnerRobert DuvallDiego Luna  and Annette Bening.  This movie must have flown under the radar.  Just watched it and it is good.  Love westerns with Costner and Duvall in it.

While on a cattle drive and grazing their cattle one of the boys gets into trouble in a local town.  They beat him pretty bad.  The man behind it likes to rustle anyone’s cattle who he believes is free grazing in his country.  Charley Waite (Costner), a former gunslinger and his boss (Duvall) decide it’s time to fight back and they head back to the town to straighten things out.  Soon it becomes clear that the only way to do so would be to fight it out.

Now obviously there is more to it but you have to see it for yourself.  The scenery is fantastic and the acting is the same.  There is something about a good old western and they make it a great one.  A must watch.

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