Silverado, 1985 film starring Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover and Brian Dennehy.  Excellent western from the good old days of Hollywood.

1880’s New Mexico sees all kinds of dangers.  Four men come together to fight the bought sheriff Cobb (Dennehy) in the small town of Silverado.  Scott Glenn plays Emmett who began the journey in search of his brother Jake (Costner).  Kline plays Paden, a misfit who was initially robbed of everything and left for dead, who is now in search of his position in life.  Glover plays Mal, a once cowboy who moved to Chicago and is now heading back to his dad’s ranch.  The four men ride together towards Silverado where danger lurks everywhere, they decide the wrongs done to them and the people of the small town need to be dealt with, permanently.

I found this to be a very exciting and well acted western.  It is filled with great talent, even the supporting cast such as Jeff Goldblum, Linda Hunt, Rosanna Arquette & John Cleese.  Put them together with the lead cast and great locations makes for a fabulous movie.  It was fun and entertaining from the get go.  There were several side stories going on throughout but they all came together nicely.

This film was made before the fancy CGI hit the scene, where actors had to perform well and do a lot of the rough work themselves.  Westerns were always a big hit and they still are today because they can stand the test of time.  This one does.  If you are a western fan then this is a must see, I loved the films that came out of the eighties.