The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven, 2016 film starring Denzel WashingtonChris PrattEthan Hawke and more.  Modern remake of the original tale.

A small town in the old west is controlled by Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), an evil industrialist.  The town quietly hires a gunman and his six compatriots to help rid them of Boque.  They teach the civilians how to fight back and set the stage for an all out battle to take their town back.

This film didn’t get too high a praise on imdb or other sites but I enjoyed the film.  Although the characters backgrounds were never really shown, we assume their bad ass nature.  I know in those days there were not too many black gun fighters but this is a story and Washington plays a good part.  I have always liked Pratt and he as well does a decent job as a cowboy.  There are many action scenes which are made well with today’s tech without any high polluting visual effects.  I like a good western and this was fun to watch, nothing will beat the original of course with the star studded cast they had but fun never the less.

Sometimes people are over critical when comparing re-boots to the originals and maybe justly so but sometimes you just have to sit watch and be entertained by it, I was, that’s why I give this a four.

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