Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory, 1997 film starring  Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart.  Pretty good Gibson film with a great cast.

New York taxi driver Jerry Fletcher (Gibson) is a die hard conspiracy theorist and has conspiracy theories for everything, from aliens to political assassinations.  There is something that keeps haunting him though.  One of his theory’s though seems to be coming true and it involves a women who he secretly loves and has been watching from a distance.

Dr Jonas (Stewart), a high level, mysterious government man wants to find Jerry and wants him dead before his theory can come to light.  Jerry unwittingly enlists the help of Alice Sutton (Roberts), the woman he has been watching and soon the two are in the thick of things.  Trying to stay alive while while trying to expose Jonas and crew.

To be honest, this was the first time I recall seeing this film but what an underrated film it was.  Being a typical Gibson action film from that decade this movie had plenty of humor coupled with action.  There were many times during the film the plot seem to twist, sometimes in favor of Gibson’s character and sometimes against.

The film gave you plenty to think about and kept you engaged with it.  ‘Did he do it, was he set up??’  Yes…no… dam, guess I had better keep watching and paying attention!  Gibson and Roberts gave great performances and were the right choice for the film.  As was Patrick Stewart, normally a good guy, he played a great villain!

If you are like me and have not seen this then do so, took me by surprise and turned out to be great entertainment.

Directed By : Richard Donner

Production Credits

  • Warner Bros.
  • Silver Pictures
  • Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions