Die Hard 2, Die Harder

Die Hard 2, Die Harder, 1990 film starring  Bruce Willis, John Amos, Bonnie Bedelia and William Sadler.  Probably the last ‘great’ die hard film in the series.

A team of terrorists, led by Col. Stuart (Sadler) is holding the entire airport hostage, the airport John McClane (Willis) is at waiting for his wife’s plane to land.  In order to rescue their drug lord boss from jail the terrorists take control of all electrical equipment affecting all planes. With no runway lights available, all aircraft have to remain in the air, with fuel running low.  John must do it again, he steps in and does his best to stop their plans.

Coming off the fame and popularity of the first film, this one hits another home run.  The time line is just a year after the first one and, I think, the last one we see Holly in!  Don’t forget, this film was pre 9/11 so the premise that an airport could be taken hostage was not out of the question (in today’s world it could never happen).  This was a nice, fresh approach to what happens to the McClain character, in the wrong place at the wrong time!

This film, like the first, was filled with awesome action sequences and Willis one liners.  It even came with a twist about half way through that I didn’t see coming, though the second time I watched it I noticed the subtle clues of what was going on.  Sadler, Amos and Willis all did a terrific job acting in this film.  The special effects for the nineties were top notch and the scenery was good.  As sequels go, this one made it, we know that most film sequels never come close to it’s original.  Definitely a ‘Watch Again’ film.