Entrapment, 1999 film starring  Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ving Rhames.  Enjoyable duo to watch!

Gin (Zeta-Jones), an insurance agent for a high value art company convinces her boss that she needs to go undercover to catch the thief she suspects of doing all the robberies.  Once with him she convinces him to pull off more high value thefts leading them to the biggest score of their lives.  Mac (Connery), the thief, trains her hard to get the jobs done.  Is he caught in the end?  Hmmm, some twists you might not have seen coming!

Very entertaining film.  This was made when the two lead actors were in their best form.  They seemed to gel nicely and they made a great pair.  The story, though not fully unique was great and played out great.  I loved the twist near the end, I actually did not see that coming myself but when I thought about it I was like, yeh, should have seen that!  Though there were some stunts to this film I did not see too much (if any) CGI, more like some green screening which I call special effects.

There were great supporting actors that did a marvelous job as well like Will Patton and Maury Chaykin.  They know what they are doing and added to the whole feel of the film.  This is a good film worth a re-watch, this was my second time seeing it and it was still just as good.  Connery fans will love this one, he keeps up with his British wit like he always does.  The film won four awards but no Oscars.  Worth a watch folks, great job.