Fire Birds

Fire Birds, 1990 film starring Nicolas CageTommy Lee Jones and Sean Young.  I think the only thing that saved this film from the trash bin was Cage and Jones.  Even then Cage was young and had not perfected his acting yet.  It was watchable, but barely.  

It’s about an elite group of pilots being trained for the Apache helicopters who are called out to south America to help the DEA nab a pile of drug lords.  Don’t forget it was the 90’s.  The premise was good but the movie was really about the training.  They threw in  love story (which they always seem to do) but it didn’t have much bearing on the film.

I mean the visuals were good, the army wanted to show off thir new hardware so it wasn’t a total loss.  Can’t get jumpy about it though, only can give it a two but watch it yourself and decide.

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