Fools Gold

 Fools Gold, 2008 film starring  Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland and Kevin Hart. Very entertaining treasure hunt at sea.

Ben Finnegan (McConaughey) is a treasure hunter convinced he is about to find the score of the century.  His tunnel vision to everything but that caused his marriage to fail and gangsters looking for him.  He still loves Tess (Hudson) and when he finds out she is working on a millionaires boat he tries to convince her and the owner to help him finish his quest.  The murderous rap star Bigg Bunny (Hart) wants either Ben dead or the treasure to pay off what Ben owes him.  The hunt is on…

The film is set in Key West, Florida however it was primarily filmed in Australia where the landscape is beautiful and the waters crystal clear.  Great choice because the scenery was absolutely astounding.  McConaughey and Hudson work very well together and have a history of films they have worked on with each other.  The rest of the cast meshed very well together as well and the result was a truly entertaining film.

A lot of folks out there didn’t seem to like this film giving it mixed reviews but I stand by my enjoyment of this fun adventure.  The underwater scenes were pretty good and Kevin Hart made a funny villain.  The story of course was not really original but all the actors put their own personal spin into it and the result was humorous as well as adventurous.    Though the film won no awards it was still nominated I think five times but aside from that it was just purely enjoyable.  Worth watching more than once.