Iron Eagle

Iron Eagle, 1986 film starring  Louis Gossett Jr., Jason Gedrick and David Suchet.  Ah, don’t you love the 80’s.  Where we all dressed funny and young teenage boys could steal a fully armed f16???

Quite simply an air force pilot is shot down and his son Doug (Gedrick) wants to do something about it.  The father is imprisoned in a middle eastern country.   Doug meets ‘Chappy’ Sinclair (Gossett Jr) and together they come up with a viable plan to fly in and rescue Doug’s father.  They only have a few hurdles to overcome, borrow two fully armed F-16 fighter jest, get an approved flight plan and refuel on the way!  With the help of Doug’s friends, who are all kids of the air force, they must find a way to get it done or Doug’s father faces execution.

I remember seeing this film when it came out and thought it was just wonderful.  It put many ideas into young boys minds back then.  Seeing it again, for me, it was unrealistic and not plausible but very entertaining.  Not all films need to be realistic and we must realize that going in.  It was fun to watch and of course you are really pulling for the pair to succeed in their goal.

The acting was pretty good, Gossett Jr was in top form back then and very popular.  Gedrick was good but somewhat of an unknown back then.  He has since continued acting and been in over 85 titles, mostly television.  The premise of the film was good but like I said, completely not plausible, even back then.   The film contained some good special effects that were impressive for the eighties and looks like they couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of the air force.

In all, very entertaining film to watch, not fully worthy of the watch again shelf but very close.  I believe the film spun off another three sequels with the character ‘Chappy’ in it.  A decent watch though that I am sure you will all enjoy.