Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3, 2013 film starring Robert Downey Jr.Guy Pearce and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Pretty cool 3rd  film in the iron man franchise.

Tony Stark, Aka Iron Man is now exhausted and has a bad case of insomnia after his latest battle with Loki in New York.  Suddenly there is a new menace on the scene, a really bad terrorist known as Mandarin and he is now after Stark.  Determined to get the Mandarin, Stark slowly pieces together what is going on and realizes this is bigger than the terrorist.

After losing everything in attacks, including his house, Stark must  face actions from his past that directly affect his future and the evil that is being thrown at him.  Whew!!!   A lot happening in this episode and it was very entertaining.  Action was prevalent almost all the way through this film and so were the incredible visuals.  With so much going on it was hard to tell what was real and what was CGI.  I do hope they make another but with Iron Man appearing within the Avengers it is hard to say.  Great job though, It is on my watch again list along with the first two.  Next time I’m in the mood for Iron Man I am going to binge watch all 3 in a row!!

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