On Deadly Ground

On Deadly Ground, 1994 film starring  Steven Seagal, Michael Caine, Joan Chen and John C. McGinley.  Typical Seagal action flick!

Forrest Taft (Seagal) is an environmental Agent working for the Aegis Oil Company in Alaska.  The company is run by ruthless oil man Michael Jennings (Caine) who doesn’t care about the environment or the people his work affects.   Jennings must complete his new state-of-the art oil rig: AEGIS-1 in a strict timeline or he will loose all the rights to the land and they will revert back to the Eskimos and the Alaskan Government.  Jennings sends out his hired muscle to eliminate Taft after he finds out what is really going on!

I’m a bit surprised that this film gets such a low score on most sites.  Now, I know there is a lot of folks that have never been fans of Seagal and somewhat rightly so.  Most of his films from this era were generally the same theme.  He was always trying to be an action star but kind of came off more of an environmentalist extremest!

The story was ok and Caine did play his evil part well.  To me one of the best parts were the actual scenery this movie was filmed in.  It was filmed in Alaska, Wyoming, Washington and California.

The directing was just so so, directed by Seagal himself.  I guess he had free rain back then because he was such a hit.  Over all this was an entertaining film to sit and watch.  Likely wont hit the watch again shelf but still good.



Production Credits;

  • Seagal/Nasso Productions
  • Warner Bros.