Red 2

Red 2, 2013 film starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich.  Ah… the sequel and what was it like?  Not as grand as the first!!

Frank Moses (Willis) is back and teams up with the gang again.  Seems there was a portable nuclear device smuggled into Russia during the cold war and people have got wind of it.  The gang must find out what it is, where it is and go and get it all while enemies are trying to kill them…again!

As with many successful action films the sequels always suck, well almost always.  This film was definitely not the caliber of the original.  Oh the story was ok and we had mostly the same gang again but I just couldn’t get there.  It was entertaining but will not likely find the need to see this twice.  The acting was good by the lead but I did not like Catherine Zeta-Jones character.  I just didn’t believe her acting.

As with the original the locations were fabulous and CGI was used when required (not over done).  Although I am kind of trashing it I still think everyone should watch it once, it is the continuation from the first and we get to see how they have matured.  Good for a once sitting, still plenty of action, blood and gore.