2005 film starring Matthew McConaugheyPenélope Cruz and Steve Zahn. The premise for this film is far fetched to say the least.  A civil war ship getting lost in America and ending up buried  in the Sahara desert!!  The lead character says it happened so long ago that the river was full and flowing but has since dried up and wind had buried the boat under the sand.  The civil war was just over 140 years ago and it would take a lot longer for the Niger river to dry up that much!!

Those facts aside, the other adventure included within the film is quite plausible.  The WHO (World Health Organization) seeks to identify the cause of a disease that is spreading and the source doesn’t want to be found out.

The acting was decent, the cast choice good and the visuals were pretty good.  Had to drop it down to 3 stars because of the ship involvement but I did enjoy this film.

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