Olympus Has Fallen

2013 Film starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and many more.   Now this was a good action movie to watch.  The very idea of the film brings home fears that are real in this day and age.  To think that some terrorist organization could do this brings chill down my spine, especially now that Hollywood has given them such a good idea!

Beware if you haven’t seen this yet.  There is a whole lot of blood and death!  The premise here is simple…a terrorist decides to attack the White House (code named Olympus) kill as many people he can and capture the 3 people he needed to unlock the countries nuclear arms to him.  We have seen ideas like this before for different locations but with today’s technology they visually made a great film here.

The cast selection was great, the visuals were great and best of all, the villain didn’t win.

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