The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow, 2004 film starring Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum.  End of the world scenario with dramatic weather changes.

Jack Hall (Quaid), a leading paleoclimatologist in the US discovers that the Earth is on a major climate shift that will plunge the world into another ice age.  The government doesn’t believe him until it starts happening.  Violent tornadoes in Los Angeles, football size hail in Japan and a super sized tsunami overtakes New York.  Then the weather starts freezing with extreme temperatures, so cold it will freeze a living being in seconds.  To add to his problems Jack’s son is stuck in New York.  He must make the long, cold and deadly trip to New York to save him.

Well, nobody likes to hear about the end of the world but it sure is fun to watch movies about it, hey, it’s not real!  This film educates us about our over use of the worlds resources which could plausibly trigger this kind of an event though I doubt this quickly.  This film found me rooting for everyone.  We wanted Jack to find Sam alive and well.  We wanted to see the people escape without freezing to death.  We even wanted to see Lucy (Sela Ward), Jack’s ex wife make it to safety with her sick patient.  The acting, especially by Quaid was top notch and the CGI was excellent.  The story was sound, good build up to the main event.  I’m not sure why it only garnered a six out of ten on most sites because it was worthy of more.