The Great Wall

The Great Wall, 2016 film starring Matt Damon, Tian Jing and Willem Dafoe.  See, walls do work!! Not a bad action flick from Damon.

The story takes place at one of mankind’s greatest wonders, the Great Wall of China.  In ancient times it is believed that the wall was built to keep out a huge pack of marauding beasts.  William (Damon) is imprisoned within the great wall where he gains the trust of Commander Lin Mae (Jing) and soon turns his life long quest for fortune into that of hero as he joins the powerful Chinese soldiers to fight off the unstoppable force of creatures that are about to attack.

Well, lots of action in this film for sure.  That along with the incredible CGI made this for a fun watch.  It is written as an old legend tale may or may not be true. (I’m sure the later)  As I said, the visuals were fantastic and integrated seamlessly with real life.  I am not sure why every legend has to do with monsters but I guess that sells.  I would like a film to be believable, as soon as they introduced the creatures, that’s where it stopped.

I am not saying I did not like it but I just wasn’t bowled away like I normally am in big blockbuster films.  The acting was good and my gosh, the costumes were excellent.  There has been a lot of trashing of this film because of Damon’s character, what is a white guy doing in a Chinese legend?  I’m sure it was just to appease audiences on both sides of the globe.  It was funny though that Damon won the Most Out of Place White Person in a Movie award, yes, that is an actual award!!! (From the All Def Movie Awards)

I don’t think it was written and cast to be political, to me it was just entertainment.  Not the best but entertainment never the less.  You choose.