Timeline, 2003 film starring  Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly and Neal McDonough.  Archaeologists turned medieval saviors!

A group of archaeologists become trapped in the past when they are tasked with the job of going back to retrieve a fellow archaeologist.  Something goes wrong and the return device will not work.  Now they are stuck in fourteenth century France right at the period where a huge, brutal and bloody battle happens between the French and the English.  To make things worse, they only have six hours to get everybody together and return to the present or they will be stuck there for good.

Pretty good film that I didn’t know existed.  Man, Walker and Butler ever looked young in this!  Hardly recognized them.  The story was pretty good, somewhat like ‘The Black Knight’ but not a comedy.  The acting was ok, no real complaints there.

A lot of critics have not liked it as they think it was butchered by the writers from it’s original book.  I, personally, have not read the book so I can not compare to it and won’t.  For someone who hasn’t read the book I found the film ok, it could have been been better but I’m ok with it.  I will not see it more than the once but I say it was good.  There were a few inconsistencies with actual history from the time period but it was entertaining.