White House Down

White House Down, 2013 Film starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, James Woods and more.  This was a very well made action film though the basic Idea was similar to Olympus Has Fallen.  In actuality this version of the White House being taken down is slightly more plausible than the other.  Lets face it, a disgruntled worker and a scheming politician is much more believable than the North Korean’s!!

Although there is quite a bit of gruesome killing and a huge disregard for historic structures this film pulls off a somewhat believable story.  The acting was pretty good, cast choices were great and the visuals were quite convincing.  Lets face it, in this day and age you can still see where cgi takes over.

Overall, good film, worth watching, worth the money.  I would see this more than once.


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