Christmas With The Kranks

Christmas With The Kranks, 2004 film starring  Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd and Cheech Marin.  Allen and Curtis make a great couple in this funny Christmas movie.

With their daughter moved away Luther (Allen) and Nora (Curtis) Krank decide they will skip Christmas this year and go on a cruise.  This doesn’t sit well with all their neighbors as the whole street normally celebrates the season with lights, Frosty and cheerful parties.   Luther sticks to his guns and will not decorate his house as he will not be there.  This of course angers the whole community.  Suddenly the Kranks get a call from their daughter and she is coming home for Christmas!  Setting them into a panic the two try, with pitiful results, get their home ready.  The neighborhood watches, laughs and shakes there heads then finally step in.

I’ve said it before, Tim Allen never disappoint’s.  Again in this Christmas film he brings in major laughs.  Coupled with Jamie Lee Curtis, who can be very funny in her own right, this film hits a whole new level of Christmas fun.  The setting, the acting and they story was a delight to watch unfold.  I am not sure why it only scored a five out of ten on major rating sites.  I guess there must be more people that hate Christmas.

Every Christmas I watch seasonal films, mostly the same ones.  W start normally on December first.  It has become a tradition in our home to immerse ourselves in them and that is what puts us in the Christmas mood.  This film, I am proud to say, is part of our holiday ‘Watch Again’ list.  Boo to the nay-sayers!