Journey Back To Christmas

Journey Back To Christmas, 2016 film starring  Candace Cameron Bure, Oliver Hudson, Brooke Nevin and Tom Skerritt.  Very original Christmas film.

During World War 2 Hanna (Bure), a nurse, can not cope with life.  She has lost her husband to the war and now doesn’t know what anything means.  While driving home after returning a lost dog she crashes her car into a snowbank.  The snow storm is so fierce she takes shelter in someone’s shed while she rides it out.  At the very same time a comet flies over head, the Christmas comet, which comes but once every seventy or so years.  She awakes the next morning and goes out only to discover the world has changed.  It’s now 2016 and she is scared.  A young policeman helps her, Jake (Hudson) and takes her in.  With his help she discovers the true meaning of Christmas and the bonds of family, something she had lost faith in.  Now, there is obviously more to it than that but because it is still fairly new I will not ruin it for you.

This was a very good, feel good movie, one of many to come out of the Hallmark channel in the last few years.  Bure is a natural for Christmas flicks.  The story here, I thought, was a unique one.  time travel as a means to come to grips with life!  With two separate time periods in this film the makers had to come up with costumes and props for both which I thought they did well at.  I mean, coming up with stuff for 2016 was easy but they seemed to get the clothing, cars and people very period accurate for the second world war era.

The acting all around was great, Hudson has never disappointed me and again here he does great.  I have seen this film twice now, once last Christmas and just now.  I can safely say that it is on my yearly ‘Christmas Watch Again’ lineup.  I now have to start watching seasonal films at least three weeks before Christmas now as there are so many.  Oh well, they are good, have fun.