Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, 1964 film starring the voices of  Billie Mae Richards, Burl Ives and Larry D. Mann.  Probably the most popular Christmas film of all time!

Sam the snowman (voice of Burl Ives) tells us the story of a young red-nosed reindeer who, after being ousted from the reindeer games because of his shinny nose, teams up with Hermey, an elf who wants to be a dentist, and Yukon Cornelius, the prospector. They run into the Abominable Snowman and find a whole island of misfit toys. Rudolph vows to see if he can get Santa to help the toys, and he goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. But Santa’s sleigh is fogged in and when Santa looks at Rudolph, he gets an idea!!

We all know this story and I would be willing to bet that we have all seen this yearly special.  Is it a film, well, probably not.  More like a made for Tv movie but because it is a classic and huge part of everyone’s holiday season I am adding it.  This iconic special has been played worldwide and is beloved worldwide.  Lets face it, we can not go through a Christmas season without seeing this one!

For the early sixties the film was a huge success even though there were no real people in it but rather puppets.  You can obviously see that it was filmed with puppets and stop motion but they were all built well and the job they did was excellent.  Lets face it, kids do not look at the tech specs on any film, they just enjoy.

The earliest memory I have of seeing this would be in the early seventies and I do remember watching this every year since.  It is a timeless classic that every new generation falls in love with.