Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas, 2004 film starring  Ben Affleck, Christina Applegate, James Gandolfini and Catherine O’Hara.  Affleck as an obnoxious young millionaire, good part for him!

Drew Latham (Affleck) has been avoiding Christmas for many years and always hated the idea of being alone for Christmas.  When his relationship crumbles and it seems he will be alone he decides he wants to relive the memorable Christmases from his childhood.  With that not a possibility he decides to rent the family that currently lives in his childhood home.  He offers the father Tom (Gandolfini) a huge amount of money and the family agrees.  The result, mayhem and a slough of miss-steps with some comical results.

It was a funny movie, especially watching Affleck driving the family crazy with his idea of an over the top Christmas.  Though he never realized the family was on the brink of failure.  Yes, Affleck was funny and the late, great Gandolfini was great but the story had some holes in it.  The film was blasted by many critics as not being a plausible story.  So what, it’s entertainment and a different view of the holiday’s.

It’s evident to me that a lot of people are not Affleck fans which is why it automatically gets a thumbs down.  In some respects they are right, he has made a few flops but he has also done very well with others.  I look at it from an entertainment view point.  It was funny and easily watchable more than once. (Seasonally of course)  It was filled with great talent and the story was somewhat fresh.

Look at it that way, sit down and have some fun.  I did and was pleased.