The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles, a Netflix Original, 2018 film starring  Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis, Oliver Hudson and Kimberly Williams-Paisley.  Let the Christmas season of films begin!

A brother and sister, Teddy (Lewis) and Kate (Camp) are about to experience their first Christmas without their father. Teddy turns to hatred while Kate keeps watching old Christmas video’s.  During one video she spots what she thinks is Santa’s (Russell) arm, she is only ten so she still believes.  She convinces Teddy to stay up on Christmas eve with the video camera set up so they can capture Santa on film.  Well, the do and the end up sneaking on board the sleigh, scarring Santa during the flight which ends up crashing the sleigh!   The journey now goes into overdrive as Santa has crashed his sleigh, lost his magic hat and also lost the red bag of presents!  The three must band together to find them and save Christmas.

This was an unexpectedly great film.  It has now surpassed the Santa Clause movie as probably one of the best Christmas films out there.  Russell played a fantastic, modern Santa and the kids, Camp and Lewis, did a fantastic job acting for this.  I guess that when you are filming for a Christmas movie the mood is much better and everyone has fun with it.  You didn’t see much of Hudson or Paisley in the film but they were a great couple.  The story was about the kids journey helping Santa fix the mess that they inadvertently created.

There was a lot of humor, loads of action and even some emotional moments.  The CGI used was brilliant.  Great scenes flying around in the sleigh and travelling around the world.  Even the sleigh just hanging in the air with the Reindeer was masterfully done, especially when it interacted with the kids, you couldn’t tell they were computer generated.

The film is only available on Netflix but I know most of you must have it by now.  It truly is a magical film that not only the kids will love but the adults as well,  I did.  This is now on my ‘Watch Again’ list for sure, every Christmas.