The Santa Clause 2

The Santa Clause 2, 2002 film starring  Tim Allen, Spencer Breslin, Elizabeth Mitchell and Judge Reinhold.  First sequel to the original is another smash hit for everyone.

Seems Curtis (Breslin) has found a problem that could end Scott Calvin’s career as Santa Clause.  He must find a Mrs Clause before Christmas or he will revert to just plain old Scott.  To top that his son has landed on the naughty list.  With his appearance is slowly reverting back and running out of time Santa heads back home to deal with Charlie (Eric Lloyd) and find a wife.  In his abscense Curtis makes him a replacement Santa to carry on the job of Christmas but that Santa has his own ideas!  Can he save Charlie from the naughty list, save Santa and find a wife???

I did love the first one but I think this is my favorite of the three.  You couldn’t find a better actor to play Santa than Allen.  The combination of real time, CGI and great props turned this film into a blockbuster hit that looked and felt real.  It was an exceptionally entertaining film that like it’s original firmly plants itself on everyone’s seasonal ‘Watch Again’ list.  Definitely on mine.

The film fills us with Christmas love and magic.  It’s hard to find fault with a warmhearted Christmas film (though some do).  Only once in a blue moon does a film come out that becomes an instant classic.  These three films in the series will forever stand the test of time and will be loved by every generation that comes.

Every year at this time I watch all three, in chronological order and sit back and have a wonderful evening.  I encourage everyone to do so.