Chips, 2017 film starring  Michael Peña, Dax Shepard, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jane Kaczmarek.  A bit of a Character assassination to the original two in the seventies and eighties but somewhat funny.

Undercover Fed Ponch (Pena) takes to the bike in the CHP (California Highway Patrol) with rookie Jon (Shepard) so he can investigate a series of heists that may include several police officers.  Ponch has a sex addiction and Jon has a prescription pill habit but the two must figure out a way of bringing the crooks down.

This was a somewhat funny film but as someone who grew up watching the original I was a bit taken back on how they smeared the characters of the original two.  The original show was a wholesome, family one with very likable characters, this film I was not a big fan of Jon or Ponch.  I mean Jon’s character was a bit weird and definitely stupid and Ponch, sheesh, how many times a day did he go to the john to wack off???

Putting that aside, it did have it’s humorous moments.  Pena and Shepard, who also directed the film, seemed to work well together.  The story was a decent one, no argument there.  I was just not blown away by the whole thing, it was still good but not great!  I guess I am guided by my memories of the original tv show which still plays to this day!