Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest, 1999 film starring  Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Tony Shalhoub.  Guess we should add a waiver to all the broadcasts to outer space?

Since radio and television began whatever we broadcast is also broadcast into the depths of space.  A television series called “Galaxy Quest”, which took place aboard the intergalactic spaceship Protector, starred Jason Nesmith (Allen) as suave Commander Peter Quincy Taggart.  He and his crew saved the galaxy many times from many foes.  Even though eight years has passed since the show was cancelled the actors still perform at comic-con’s.  Now they are asked by an alien race for help who happened to intercept their show and believe that what they saw was the captains journal.  Now the fate of not only the aliens but the Earth are in the hands of actors against a reptilian warlord race!

Funny stuff!  So now we know that whatever we broadcast into space can be sorely misunderstood!  The story here was pretty good and could have been used as a serious movie or this comedy.  I’m glad they chose comedy and also glad they put Tim Allen at the helm.  He is a very good comedian and know how to pull it off.  It also helps to have a very professional cast to help with it as well and the producers chose very wisely for this film.  Weaver was great (and absolutely gorgeous as a blonde) though she has not done a huge amount of comedy she can still do a great job.

Though this film was a pre two thousands film and CGI was still young the effects group for this picture did a great job.  You knew when CGI was in play and you knew when green screen and costumes were as well but that never stopped me from enjoying this film.  It was an all around enjoyable watch.  Lets just hope that when alien’s do see our tv they have a sense of humor because the globe as a whole has sent some crazy stuff out there!!