In The Army Now

In The Army Now, 1994 film starring  Pauly Shore, Lori Petty and Andy Dick.   Slapstick, silly mess but it does have some funny moments.

In order to make some money two uneducated young men join the reserves.  They think it’s great, they only have to give a few weekends a year to play war but no sooner they finish with their basic training they are called up for active duty!  The two (who can’t identify what end of a gun the bullets come out of) find themselves in Libya in full combat.  After getting lost from their convoy they must now save the day!!

Most Pauly Shore films were total goofs in the eighties and nineties and he always came off as the father of dumb and dumber!  Sometimes you kind of need that entertainment though.  As I sat and watched I knew it was stupid humor but I just couldn’t turn it off.  Shore was funny in spots and Andy Dick was…well, Andy Dick!

As a traveler I did recognize the filming locations in Yuma (currently where I am) and the Imperial Dunes areas.   I don’t want to trash it too bad though I only give it a two of five because there was no seriousness to it but then again Shore was like that.  I think he was just having a blast making nonsense films (and earning a few bucks as well).

If you want to sit and watch a film that mocks everything and is so silly it is actually funny then this is it!