Instant Family

Instant Family, 2018 film starring  Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Octavia Spencer and Isabela Moner.  Somewhat comedic look into a huge problem in the country.

Pete (Wahlberg) and Ellie (Byrne) Wagner, a hard working couple feel that something is missing in their lives.  They visit a foster care center and sign up, hoping to adopt a child to make things complete.  Instead, they end up with three siblings from a broken home.  The social worker lets them know that it is going to be a rough road but they had no idea how much.  Now they must learn to deal with a teenage girl, a screaming younger girl and an awkward young boy.

This was a funny and heartwarming story.  Children in the system rarely get noticed, especially teens, they are all but ignored.  This film shows that not only can people be good but there are so many other children out there that need loving homes.  The underlying message to me seems to be that the people who help do not do it to make themselves feel better but to make the kids feel wanted and loved.  Something that is missing in their lives, be it from death in the family to abuse and neglect.  Without people who generally want to help and love more kids will go the wrong path.  Ok, preaching over!

Even though it was a comedy the film stuck to the serious problem.  The acting was pretty good, Wahlberg does have a great range and can play the emotional man quite well.  I still prefer him as an action star though.  It was also nice to see Julie Hagerty on the screen again, she is a very funny woman.  Laughed like crazy when she let young Lita (Julianna Gamiz)color her face up with a sharpy!

This was a good film that the whole family can enjoy.  Laughter and emotion combined in this great story.