Jungle 2 Jungle

Jungle 2 Jungle, 1997 film starring Tim AllenMartin Short and JoBeth Williams.  Another Tim Allen masterpiece of comedy.

Michael Cromwell (Allen) travels to South America to get his ex-wife to sign divorce papers so that he may marry his girlfiend.  While there he discovers he has a son.  He take the teenage boy back with him to New York to see his ‘Jungle’ which creates all sorts of issues.

This film was very entertaining, Allen can always make me laugh.  Love it when the kid calls him ‘baboon’.  The scenery while in South America was really beautiful.  Allen turned a decent story into a very funny film even though most critics would only give it a passing grade.  The acting was good, the story was meant to be fun and I think the actors took it that way.  Too many people pull things apart and always look for what’s wrong.  Just have fun, this film will make you laugh.  Not every film ever made has a deep hidden meaning to it.  Enjoy.