Land Of The Lost

Land Of The Lost, 2009 film starring Will FerrellDanny McBride and Anna Friel.  Being a big fan of the original work I was somewhat disappointed with this film.

Ferrell plays Dr Rick Marshall, a discredited paleontologist with crackpot theories.  Well, one of those theories was actually true when he fell into the very vortex he imagined.  Along with two others they now find themselves in another dimension where things land when they go through the vortex, from buses, boats to dinosaurs.  They also run into lizard like aliens while trying to find their way back home.

For me the funniest parts were at the beginning then near the end when he was doing interviews with Matt Lauer (Played by Lauer), the exchanges there were hilarious.  The visuals of course were very good but the comedy was more like a broken down Will Ferrell not the great comedian Ferrell from the Anchorman days.  It dragged on a bit and became pretty silly in some spots.  The supporting cast was ok but the Chaka character was dumb.  Overall I could only go as high as a three because the cgi was good and yes, there were some pretty funny moments.