Last Holiday

Last Holiday, 2006 film starring  Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and Timothy Hutton.  Always check and clean those machines guys!!

Georgia Byrd (Latifah) is an ordinary woman with big dreams.  After an injury at work she receives devastating news that she has a terminal illness and will die within weeks.  She cashes in her savings and heads to Europe’s Grand Hotel Pupp, where she has dreamed of going and one of favorite cooks, Chef Didier (Gérard Depardieu) presides.  She spares no expense, getting the presidential suite with all the bells and whistle’s.  Why not, she has limited time left!  She tells everyone what she thinks of them, including a senator, a congressman and even the owner of the store chain she used to work for.

Funny, funny stuff.  The idea behind this story is not totally new but comes of brilliantly in this film.  Latifah does a great job and can certainly act well.  Cool J was ok I guess but he was far from the main focus anyway.  When required, he acted good.  I hadn’t seen Hutton on the screen for a while and yikes, yes, like all of us he is getting old!  He did alright though.

My wife thinks this is a Christmas film and we watch it once a year for that reason but Christmas is not really involved here other than being close to that time of year and all the snow.  Still, I look forward to seeing it because it is a very well made film and very entertaining.  The ending is great and when the final credits come up they actually keep the story going with some post movie clips of what they went on to be.  Over all, you will not be disappointed in seeing this but rather pleasantly amused and entertained.