National Security

National Security, 2003 film starring Martin Lawrence, Steve Zahn and Colm Feore.  This started out as a good funny movie but Lawrence is obviously a racist.  That’s right, he tells way too many jokes about white people and uses every chance he gets to mislead what white’s do to black’s.  That aside…

Earl (Lawrence) is a wanna be cop with an attitude and Hank (Zahn) is an LAPD officer kicked off the force and jailed for supposedly beating a black man.  They unwittingly join forces to help capture the group responsible for killing Hank’s partner and robbing several warehouses.

I would have enjoyed this more if Lawrence didn’t use so many uncalled for attacks on white people which he may have meant to be funny but I found weren’t.  The only reason I am giving it two stars is Zahn was funny.

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