Out To Sea

Out To Sea, 1997 film starring Jack LemmonWalter Matthau and Dyan Cannon.  The twosome of Jack and Walter are back again, unleashed on the viewing audience the have their usual fun.  What a great classic pair these two make.  

This time, Walter plays Charlie, a compulsive (and lousy) gambler who convinces his widowed brother-in-law Herb (Lemmon) to accompany him on a free cruise.  Turns out Charlie signed the two up to be dance hosts aboard the ship in order to get the free cruise.  Charlie’s aim, to snag a rich widow to help him fund his addiction.  What ensues is classic comedy as it used to be.

I you are looking for a film that will make you laugh and smile, this will do it.  Again, I love old school Hollywood and this film fits the bill nicely.  Good job.

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