Permanent,2017 film starring Patricia ArquetteRainn Wilson and Kira McLean.  I tried to like this but ugh,  it was not very funny.

Set in the early eighties the story revolves around Aurelie Dickson (McLean) who not only has a perm gone wild but a very strange family as well.  The father (Wilson) has a severe swimming hangup, the mother (Arquette) has many issues including romance and the Aurelie is getting teased and beat up at school for her looks.

I mean I tried to like it because it was set in the eighties but my god, add some real humor or even a bit of action.  The story was lame, the acting was ok I guess but the actors should have passed on this film.  It was boring and I can’t believe I actually made it through the entire film.  My advise, take a pass on this one.  The trailer for the movie looks ok but that’s it.  They took all the good parts and rolled it into a one minute flick.


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