The Campaign

The Campaign, 2012 film starring Will FerrellZach GalifianakisJason Sudeikis and so many more good actors.  I typically give Ferrell film a bit of a thumbs down these days but this one was good.

It’s about a rude and crude congressman who normally runs unopposed during elections.  This time Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) is running against him.  Cam Brady (Ferrell) does everything in his power to besmirch Marty and win while at the same time digging himself deeper in the hole with his promiscuous ways.  While billionaires buy their candidates and CNN gets the scoops, the result is very funny.

Will and Zach were great in this, they clicked very well and it came off as a very entertaining movie.  While I am not sure I would watch it twice it was definitely worth watching once.

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