The Internship

The Internship, 2013 film starring Vince VaughnOwen Wilson and Rose Byrne.  Another funny comedy by the duo.  You can certainly tell these guys like working together.

It’s the story of two middle age salesmen who loose their jobs and decide they need a career move.  knowing nothing about computers and coding they sign up as interns at Google headquarters and remarkably get accepted.  They have one semester to prove that they are worthy and become team mates in a group of misfits.

With loads of opposition to them being there they must struggle to prove themselves, the result, a pretty funny movie.  Wilson and Vaughn are quite the duo.  Much in the same fashion as Wedding Crashers the film was enjoyable and entertaining but not really a ‘Watch Again’ movie for my collection.  You will enjoy it, the story was good and the actors were funny.

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