The Layover

The Layover, 2017 film starring Kate UptonAlexandra DaddarioMatt Barr and Matt Jones.  So so funny adventure of two best friends vying for the same man.

Meg (Upton) and Kate (Daddario) decide to take a trip to Florida, while on the plane they meet handsome Ryan (Barr) who is also heading to Florida for a wedding.  They are both immediately infatuated with him.  The plane gets diverted due to a hurricane in Florida and have to stay at a hotel for a couple of days while the storm dissipates.  During this time they both throw themselves at Ryan in an impromptu challenge to see who can nail him… literally.

It was like two school girls trying to land the quarterback.  Oh, it was funny in spots but Upton used the F word a lot to get her laughs.  The story was not a unique one, we’ve seen plenty like this before.  The acting was just so, so.  Jones is a funny man which is likely why I upped it to three stars.  Definitely not a ‘Watch Again’ film but I wasn’t entirely grossed by the film.  Lets face it, Upton and Daddario are very pleasant to look at.  As far as the comedy, could have been better.  I’m on the fence whether to recommend or not,  if you like two slutty chicks trying to win the same guy then this will be for you.