The Pacifier

The Pacifier, 2005 film starring  Vin Diesel, Brittany Snow, Max Thieriot, Faith Ford and Lauren Graham.  Funny film unlike your normal Vin Diesel film.

Navy Seal Shane Wolfe (Diesel) is given an assignment.  A government scientist has been killed and his extremely secret project has not yet been found.  Wolfe is sent too the Plummer’s house and guard the children while the mother helps the Navy find the secret project.  Left alone at the house Wolfe must keep the kids safe while contending with typical teenagers, loud kids and….diapers!!!

Loved Diesel’s reaction to poopy diapers and awful sewer water, that was funny stuff.  I guess every action star tries a little something different from time to time.  This time Diesel did and it didn’t turn out half bad.  The cast was chosen nicely and the story was ok.  It’s funny to see a muscle on muscle type guy deal with little children.  Not only does our main character learn some things in life he also helps the kids in life.

To me the story was good and somewhat plausible till near the end when they found the lair.  I mean, how is that kind of thing built without any neighbors seeing it??  If we ignore that then the story turns out good.  Vin Diesel was very good as the lead in this though he still needed a few acting lessons.  Graham, though not in it a huge amount was her consistent solid self.

The film does have some good funny scenes in it, loved the two home invaders fight!  I also enjoyed the scenes with the Vice Principal of the school, played by Brad Garrett.  He can be such a funny man.

Over all, you can’t go wrong watching this little film.  A good comedy with some good moments, definitely not a waste of time.

Production Credits go to :  Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment.