The Truman Show

The Truman Show, 1998 film starring Jim CarreyEd Harris and Laura Linney.  Not a bad film with a unique story to it.

The film is about Truman Burbank (Carrey) who is a mild mannered insurance salesman who has spent his whole life in the same quaint little town of Seahaven.  He has always longed to travel but something has always come up.  Turns out that is not his doing and that the town he has grown up in is one giant television studio and he has secretly been the star of an ongoing series since his birth.  With hidden cameras everywhere following his every move and the towns people and his friends just actors in the biggest show ever.  How does he overcome it all?

I am sure that everyone has seen this film by now, if you haven’t you should.  The story is unique and a good one at that.  Carrey was at the top of his form in those days and acted his brilliant self.  I have always liked Ed Harris so the grouping with Carrey was a good one.  I am not sure how the character was unaware of what was happening to him till the age he was at in the film.  As a young teenager every boy would be out getting into trouble and should have stumbled across the truth then.  It was a good watch though, it is one that remains on my ‘Watch Again’ shelf and will revisit it again.  The acting was good, story was slow in some spots but good and the visuals were great, they made a set look like a town that was really a set!! Go figure.

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