American Hustle

American Hustle, 2013 film starring Christian BaleAmy AdamsBradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner.  Not a complete waste of time but slow to boring in many spots.

The story is about a con man and his mistress in the 70’s who are forced to work for an FBI agent to oust several politicians.  That is pretty much the whole story.  Sure there are some decent parts to it, I mean look at the all star cast here.  I found the story slow moving and not super interesting.  The look and feel of the seventies was very good and authentic.  If it wasn’t for the cast I may have turned it off.

I don’t know how many out takes there must be with Bale fixing that hair but that was a chuckle point for me.  Lawrence didn’t have a huge part but she was actually funny at it.  Over all I can not go past a three out of five and that is because of the cast.  Not on my watch again list, sorry.

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