American Made

American Made, 2017 film starring Tom CruiseDomhnall Gleeson and Sarah Wright.  Cool true story of Barry Seal who went from Pilot to smuggler in the eighties.

Seal (Cruise), a TWA pilot is approached by a CIA agent Monty Schafer (Gleeson) and asked to fly over certain areas of Central America in a special plane provided to take pictures.  Soon Seal meets drug smugglers who get him to take drugs to America for them. (He has to go back each time anyway)  If that wasn’t enough he gets caught up in taking guns to the Contras in Nicaragua.  The money is rolling in so quick he gets pilot friends of his to help him out.  The CIA turns a blind eye to his antics but soon the FBI and DEA are hot on his tail so they must shut him down before all blows up.

This was a pretty cool film based on the true story.  I enjoyed it very much and will watch it again.  Can’t say that about too many of Cruise’s films.  He was good in this one and he looked the part.  The producers got the era bang on and the costume were authentic.  The actors all around did a good job to bring this film to the screen.