Astronaut, 2019 film starring  Richard Dreyfuss, Lyriq Bent and Colm Feore.  Nice tale of a man grasping at a lifelong dream while dealing with the reality of age.

Angus (Dreyfuss) is an aging man who lives with his daughter and her husband.  He hears of a competition by a billionaire spaceship builder and the winner gets a ride on the first flight to space.  He enters the contest despite his age and wins!  Of course, when he shows up he is disqualified because of his age and health but he also notices a problem with the runway.  He is an expert in the field, or was, but he tries diligently to convince them he is right.

This was a very touching and heartwarming film.  He is widowed and his family is somewhat dysfunctional and he ends up in a home.  He dreams of days gone by and stares at the stars with a mickey of whiskey some nights wondering where it has all gone.  Dreyfuss plays a great dramatic role and you feel bad for him almost instantly.

We all will end up in the position the character is in.  Somewhere near the end of life we will all look back with fondness and sadness of the days gone by.

I checked some of the ratings this film got and it was never given a fair shake.  It was good, emotional and very well acted by our lead.  The story was great, follow your dreams.. no matter how old you are.  Even though this film never got the media attention I would recommend it.


Production Credits;

  • BUCK Productions
  • Eggplant Pictures
  • VMI Worldwide