Corvette Summer

Corvette Summer, 1978 film starring  Mark Hamill, Annie Potts and Eugene Roche.  Somewhat entertaining but the acting was questionable.

Ken (Hamill) loves high school shop.  Even more so, he loved his last project.  Re-building a unique corvette from the junk yard into a showpiece.  When on it’s debut test drive through town the car is stolen.  Ken can’t let it go, he has to get the car back.  The search takes him to Las Vegas where he meets Vanessa (Potts), a young, naive girl who thinks she needs to be a prostitute in Vegas to make it!  They become friends and she helps him track down the car.

Though he had been working as bit parts in tv shows since the start of the seventies Hamill had never been in a major motion picture until the hit that really launched him, Star Wars (1977).  Fresh off of that he was in demand and jumped right into this film.  Directors are actually amazing and they can make you look very good but in this film he came off, to me, as a sub par actor.  Everyone went to see this film because he was ‘Luke Skywalker’ but were treated to a much less than enthusiastic actor in this.

I did love seeing Las Vegas in the seventies though.  I have always loved that area and have even been there myself now a few times.  The car was pretty cool, it even had left hand drive which is very unusual.  A little over the top on the intakes and the paint job but a cool car never the less.  Even the van that Potts was driving was awesome!

The story was pretty good I guess.  Kids make car in high school, it gets stolen and ends up in a Vegas chop shop.  It made sense as to who had arranged it all but I won’t say to much in case you are among the few who have never seen it.  In all, it was entertaining and fun, as a lot of seventies teenage films were back then and Hamill should have done better but I am going to blame that on the directing.


Production Credits;

  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
  • Plotto Productions